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Mesh Inground Pool Covers

When Safety is Paramount

The mesh fabric used by Hydra Cover allows water to clear from the entire surface of the cover at a rate of 100 gal per square foot per minute, eliminating unsafe puddling of water on the surface of the cover (a pool that does not have a winter drain may need periodic removal of water from beneath cover).

Made from naturally-strong and UV light-resistant Polypropylene fibers woven to block 94% of visible light to greatly reduce algae growth beneath the cover.

While no one should intentionally walk or play on ANY pool cover, should a child or pet accidently gain access to surface of a Hydra Cover Mesh Cover it's nice to know the mesh fabric used in manufacturing the cover has a burst strength of 415 lb per square inch (rated by ASTM test D-3786).

Custom Made

As with all Hydra Covers, your cover is specially made for your pool, using your measurements.

Built to Last with Polypropylene Webbing and Thread

The webbing is made from extra strong Polypropylene fibers that are naturally resistant to the harming effects of ultra-violet light. And the webbing is run the full length and width of every seem and crossing on BOTH the top and bottom of the cover for extra strength

All Hydra Covers are sewn using super-strong, white polypropylene-bonded thread. The white color means the thread will reflect most of the damaging effects of ultra-violet light and the polypropylene structure will only increase the thread's ultra-violet light resistance, making the thread last up to 10 times longer than thread used by some of our competitors.


And no worries about your cover coming loose - with our top-of-the-line hardware, securing your pool cover is a piece of cake and a sure thing.

Available color: blue