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Solid Vinyl Inground Pool Cover Hardware

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

All hardware is specially designed from corrosion resistant materials for long life.

Springs Ladder Locks

Heavy duty springs and adjusting hardware are made from stainless steel to eliminate rust worries and are designed to hold the weight of your Hydra Cover while allowing it to flex in the wind or heavy rain for years of trouble free operation.

D Rings

If your cover needs one or more D rings this hardware is strong zinc dipped steel. The zinc virtually eliminates rust and the steel insures the integrity of the D ring. These D rings are the same ones you see on Truck Tarps going down the highway at 70 mph (or more), so you know the strength and weather resistance they must have.


The 2 piece brass anchors will not rust or corrode in any way. They are designed not to collect the dirt and grime that can interfere with the function of the anchor.


Included with every Hydra Cover are the brass flanges that install on the anchor for a more attractive appearance to your deck, whether the cover is in place or not. When the installer drills for the anchors surrounding your pool, the small chips and dings in the concrete are unavoidable. While this in no way takes away from the performance of the anchor, it makes for an unsightly install. These flanges cover the chips in the concrete and help prevent stubbed toes when the cover is not in place. Other cover manufacturers charge $100 or more for these flanges. The flanges are included with every Hydra Cover.

Installing Hardware

All tools needed for routine adjustment and installing of the Hydra cover are included as well. A correct size Allen wrench, for adjusting the anchors, and an installation bar, for attachment and removal of springs from anchors, makes your Hydra Cover maintenance a trouble-free proposition.